Sherman Hardwood Floors

Sherman Hardwood Floors is a company specialized in the production of wooden floors, and is a reference in modernity, sustainability and social commitment.  

We are present in the United States, where we meet the demands of the North American market. Our job is to see beauty in the most organic and ergonomic textures, to deliver them with quality, durability and beauty.

With modern ideals, we seek to guarantee the quality of our products to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers. All this through investment in new technologies and the development of solutions to constantly update our portfolio.

Our solutions offered at Sherman Hardwood Floors include Installation, Repaint, Repairs, Custom Jobs as well as Tile for any desired environment.

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Natural & Modern
Discover the Advantages of Wooden Flooring

Thermal Comfort

The wooden floor provides the environment with more balanced temperatures, even on very hot or very cold days.

Variety and Beauty

There are dozens of colors and textures available to create your environment. We have solutions and finishes for all standards.

Quick Install

The finished wooden floor leaves the factory fully finished and can be used as soon as it is installed, without having to sand or varnish.


A noble touch of wood for all tastes, making your environment more comfortable, cozy, modern and incredibly elegant.


Indicated for all types of environment, delivering a coating with a long useful life and resistant to everyday wear and tear.