Essential Care for your Hardwood Floor

Sherman Hardwood Floors translates all the nobility of natural wood, with the refinement of tones and colors that only nature can provide. A product that combines sustainability and technology and that maintains the unique characteristics of noble wood. Discover four essential wood floor care that you have to have.

Avoid cleaning products

Wooden floors cannot withstand cleaning products, especially abrasives. So be careful with those that contain alcohol, bleach, among others. To clean them, prefer neutral soap and a damp cloth.

Preserve the areas of greater circulation

Another necessary care is to protect the floor in places of greater circulation and insolation. That way, place rugs in entrances, under windows and places where you and other people in the house pass several times a day.

Avoid risks

Hardwood floors are subject to scratches — watch out for this! Scratches can make the floor lose its natural beauty. However, with the use of rugs in some areas, you protect the floor, increasing its useful life.

Be careful with moisture

With the exception of those treated specifically for decking and outdoor areas, the wood you will be cladding your home should not be subjected to excessive moisture. Therefore, when cleaning, avoid throwing the liquid directly on it.

Wooden flooring is a great covering to bring comfort and beauty to your home. By taking the care mentioned above, you will achieve a beautiful appearance for longer, eliminating the need for a complete renovation.